Choosing The correct size

This information is to be used as a guide only. We recommend consulting your musical instrument teacher for a size recommendation prior to purchasing.


The reference table below will help you findthe right sized guitar. If your child is above average height, then you may need to get one size larger. If they are smaller than average height, then a smaller sized instrument could be considered. As always we recommend consultation with a music teacher before purchasing an instrument.

Guitar Size Age Height
4/4 (full) size 11 - Adult 152cm +
3/4 size 8 - 11 Years 137cm - 151cm
2/4 (half) size 5 - 8 Years 116cm - 136cm
1/4 size 4 - 6 Years 100cm - 115cm


There are two commonly accepted ways to work out the best size violin or viola for a student. One is to use a measurement from neck to the middle of the palm when the arm is extended. The other is to use a chart based on age. The measurement technique will most often yield the best result but we always suggest talking to a music teacher to confirm a sizing.

The correct violin/viola size can best be estimated by using the measurement from the neck to middle of the palm. The chart below shows instrument recommendations for a given arm length measurement for a child of average height. Your child's own height should be taken into consideration when using this table as a guide.

Ideally, when the instrument is held on the left shoulder the student should be able to reach their arm straight underneath the instrument and wrap most of their fingers around the end of the scroll.

If in doubt it is usually better to get a smaller rather than larger size as the instrument will be easier to play making learning easier for beginners.

Violin Size Arm Length
4/4 (Full Size) 58.5 cm
3/4 56 cm
1/2 51 cm
1/4 47 cm
Viola Size

Arm Length

14 Inch 61 cm
15 Inch 64 cm
16 Inch 67 cm

You may use the chart below to assist further, but again we recommend the measurement procedure above to get a more accurate instrument size.

Violin Size

Student Age

4/4 (Full Size) 12 year and older
3/4 10-11
1/2 8-9
1/4 6-7


Choosing the right size cello requires sitting in a proper playing position, and taking some measurements. We recommend consulting a music teacher for proper sizing advice, but you can use the correct seating information below and our approximate sizing chart further down as a guide.

For correct seating position when playing the cello the person should be seated comfortably with their knees bent at a ninety degree angle. The cello should sit/rest in this fashion:

  • The upper edge of the cello body should rest against the sternum (breast bone)
  • The left knee should touch the cello just below the lower 'bout' corner.
  • The C string (the lowest string) peg should be near the left ear
  • The cello neck should be a few inches away from the shoulder
  • The left hand should be able to reach both ends of the fingerboard with ease

We have provided an approximate cello size by age reference table below. This may also be of assistance.

Cello Size Student Age
4/4 (Full Size) 12 years and older
3/4 8-11
1/2 6-8
1/4 3-5